School Circulars

Below is a list of School Circulars:

June27.22_updated graduation requirements_GR10-Gr11

June24.22_Regular school for students_Kg1-Gr11

June23.22_Important Notes for graduation ceremony_Gr12

June14.22Early dismissal_KG1-Grade 11 

June07.22_day off-Kg1

Jun04.22_Laguna Trip_GR5(Boys)

Jun01.22_Bounce-X  trip_GR.4

Jun01.22_Laguna water park trip_GR.5(Boys)

Jun01.22_Trip to trampo Extreme Dubai Mall_GR5(Grils)

Jun.01.22_Equivalency requirements and process_GR12

May27.22_ book fair_Kg1-GR5

May27.22_Early dismissal _KG1-GR11

May25.22_Non-Uniform Day_Gr6-Gr12

May24.22_little engineer_GR3-GR5

May24.22_Laguna water park trip_Gr12(Boys)

May24.22_Dubai international bowling center trip_Gr12(girls)

May20.22_Transportaion fees 2022-2023_All School

May19.22_Orientation session invitation_Gr8-Gr11 

May17.22_Cinema city trip_Kgs

May16.22_Sharjah Reading Festival trip_GR3-GR4

May13.22_School Closure 14-05-22 till 16-05-22_All School


May13.22_Little explorer trip_GR1-Gr2

May11.22_GIS Graduation_GR12

May11.22_GIS operational calendar for 2022-2023_All School

April26.22_Reads for Pleasure_Gr3-Gr5A

April26.22_Ramdan Iftar_Gr 12 Girls

April26.22_MAP Spring_Kg2-GR12

April25.22_Eid Al-fitr Holiday All School 

April21.22_remindar Final Re-registration and Sibling

April19.22_Ramadan Iftar_GR9-GR12(Boys)

April18.22_1 Billion Meals campaign_All School

April16.22_Parent-Teacher Meeting Semester II_All School

April14.22_PISA Assessment_GR10-Gr12

April12.22_Reminder-Re-registration and new siblings Kg1-Gr11

Mar25.22_Kitab Al Khair Initiative_Kg1-Gr5

Mar24.22_Final Re-registration and Sibling registration letter 2022-2023

Mar17.22_ Paper-Based Mid S2 Exams_Gr12

Mar11.22_ Deferral of Mid Semester 2 Exams_Gr1-Gr12

Mar11.22_gearing up for graduation day_GR12

Mar10.22_ Ramadan timings_All School

Mar10.22_Spring break _All School

Mar10.22_International Womens Day_Gr6-Gr12

Mar09.22_AP chemistry make up lessons 

Mar09.22_AP Biology make up lesson

Mar08.22_Cruise Trip_GR12 Boys

Mar04.22_Exams Guide_GR6-GR12

Mar02.22_Change in dismissal timings on Friday_All School

Mar02.22_Seniors-Teachers Day_GR12

Mar02.22_Letter from Eng. Dpt-Gr12

Feb28.22_EXPO Trip_GR9-GR12

Feb28.22_New Health and Safety Updates_All School

Feb25.22_Update Regarding Homework Policy_GR1-Gr12

Feb25.22_ Change of Math Teachers_GR10-Gr12

Feb24.22_Al-Isra'wal-Mi'raj_All School

Feb25.22_Encouraging Healthy Food Habits_All School

Feb24.22_Book Character Day - Letter to Parents

Feb20.22_ temporary closure-Grade 4C

Feb18.22_Mushrif park trip_Gr1-Gr2

Feb18.22_ Update Regarding MAP Winter_GR1-GR12

Feb17.21_Al Qusais lake park trip letter_Kgs

Feb15.22_End of Semester 1 PTM Letter_All School

Feb12.22_Semerster1 RCs and Update Date of Parents PTA_All School

Feb08.22_view and download Report Cards Smester1_Gr12

Feb08.22_ Extension to RL Feb 07 - Feb 11_All School

Feb07.22_Update Regarding Assessments on Feb 07 and Feb 08_All School

Feb06.22_ Immediate and Temporary Shift to RL (Feb7-8)_All School

Feb03.22_ shift to remote learning_GR9F

Feb03.22_Tenoerirat Shift to remote learning_Kg1-Gr2 

Feb02.22 _ Postponment of Semester 1's Report Cards_Kgs

Feb02.22_Letter from the deputy principle of Academics _All School

Semester 2 High School Time-table_Gr9-Gr12

Feb01.22_Middle School Semester 2 time-table_Gr6-GR8

Jan31.22_MAP Winter_GR1-GR12

Jan30.22_School Uniform letter_All School

Jan27.22_letter from the Principal _All School

Jan27.22_Letter Regarding Parents Request  to Adopt Hybrid Learning on Friday_All School

Jan25.22_Follow Up Regarding Preferred Learning Model Survey_All School

Jan21.22_End of semester1 Exams Rules and Regulations _GR6-Gr12

Jan20.22_Returnes Back to school_All School

Jan20.22_GIS Business WhatsApp for Parents_All School

Jan18.22_Attestation of final report cards on the KHDA Portal _GR12

Jan17.22_Preferred Learning Model(Jan\Feb)_All School

Jan16.22_letter from Arabic Department _Gr1-Gr12

Jan12.22_Letter to Parents - 2nd Extension to RL_All School

Jan12.22_Update-Edited School Calneder with new wekend_All School

Jan11.22_Contact No. of school during Rl_All School

Jan07.22_Health and Safety Update_All School

Jan07.22_Update to parents regarding remote learning assessment_All School

Jan02.22_Exams &  Temporary  School Schedule_Gr1-Gr5

Jan02.22_Temporary shift to Remote learning for one week_all School

Jan02.22_MS Team instruction manual _All school

Dec09.21_Omrah trip_GR8-Gr12

Dec09.21_End of Semester 1 Exams Rules and Regulations _GR6-GR12

Dec09.21_Revised School Timings -Effective January 3,2022_All School

Dec05.21_Midyear holidays_All School

Nov30.21_UAE's 50th National Day holiday_All School

Nov28.21_AlRawabi Farm Trip_GR9,GR10(E&F)

Nov24.21_Senior breakfast_GR12A,B

Nov24.21_Anything but backpack letter_GR9-GR12

Nov23.21_National day celebration GR6-GR12 

Nov22.21_National Day Celebration_Kg1-GR5

Nov22.21_Precautionary measures-Entering the school Premises_All School

Nov22.21_follow up 2nd meeting_GR3

Nov22.21_postponing the University Fair_GR11,Gr12

Nov21.21_Trip to VR Park_GR4

Nov21.21_trip to kidzania_GR3

Nov21.21_ follow up meeting_GR3

Nov21.21_Health and Safety update_Gr10E

Nov18.21_Bpimce-X trip_Gr5(Boys)

Nov18.21_Filed trip letter to Ski Dubai_GR5(Girls)

Nov18.21_Forensic Lab visit and activity_Gr12

Nov15.21_Addressing of the Concerns Parents _Gr3

Nov15.21_Annoucement Letter to Parents_All School

Nov14.21_CAT4 Assessment_GR3,5,7,9 and 11

Nov14.21_International Day of Tolerance_All School

Nov11.21_Green Planet Filed Trip_GR2

Nov11.21_Kidzania Filed Trip_GR1

Nov10.21_Arabic IBT Assessment_Gr3-Gr10

Nov10.21_Parent-Teacher Meeting letter_GR6-GR12

Nov10.21_Childhood Day letter_GR6-GR12

Nov09.21_Arabic Exams_GR1-Gr12

Nov03.21_Change  of school leadership_ All School

Nov02.21_Flag Day letter-GR12(Boys)

Nov1.21_Booking the meeting_Kg1-GR5

Nov1.21_Parent teacher meeting_KG1-GR5

Oct31.21_UAE Flag day_Gr6-Gr12

Oct31.21_Wild Wadi trip letter_GR6-GR12(Boys)

Oct31.21_ Motion gate trip letter_Gr6-Gr12 (Girls)

Oct31.21_Funky Monkeys trip_KG1-KG2

Oct20.21_Drama and voice over workshop_GR9-GR10(Girls)

Oct19.21_Pink Day_GR6-Gr12

Oct18.21_Prophet Mohamed  Birthday Holiday_All School

Oct18.21_Single Sign-On Login Credentials Password Reset and User Guides_All School

Oct13.21_Mid-Semester 1 Exams Rules and Regulations_Gr6-Gr12

Oct12.21_Expo2020 celberation_All School

Oct10.21_IELTS academic test at GIS_GR11-GR12

Oct04.21_MPA Tests_All School

Oct04.21_Information on EMSAT_GR12

Oct04.21_Single Sign-On Login Credentials and User Guides _All School

Sep30.21_GIS Business WhatsApp for Parents _All School

Sep26.21_Single Sign-On Login Credentials and User Guides_Kg1-Gr12

Sep26.21_Fall MPA session letter_All School

Sep25.21_protoclos and Procedures to be followeod from the 26 of September onwards_GR6-GR12

Sep20.21_Health and Safety Letter to Parents_All School

Sep19.21_Two-days holiday letter_All School

Sep16.21_list of material required for the visual arts classes _GR6-GR8

Sep09.21_Middles School Protocols and procedure from the 12th of September  Onward _GR6-Gr8

Sep09.21_ uniform and books collection _All School

Sep09.21_PDCs submission, uniform and books collection _All School

Sep08.21_How to use calendly to book your meeting with teachers _All School

Sep08.21_parent -Teachers Meeting letter_All School

Sep08.21_ uniform and books collection _All School

Sep08.21_PDCs submission, uniform and books collection _All School

Sep07.21_uniform and books collection _All School

Sep07.21_PDCs submission, uniform and books collection _All School

Sep06.21_Pick- up Rules and Regulations letter_KG1-GR5

Sep06.21_uniform and books collection _All School

Sep04.21_Middle School Schedule Semester1_GR6-GR8

Sep04.21_ uniform and books collection _All School

Sep04.21_PDCs submission, uniform and books collection _All School

Sep01.21_ uniform and books collection _All School

Sep01.21_PDCs submission, uniform and books collection _All School

Sep01.21_Requirements of the Equivalency Certificate_GR12

Sep01.21_High school Courses_GR9-GR12

Sep01.21_GIS Graduation Requirements_GR12

Aug31.21_ Parents orientation_kgs

Aug31.21_ uniform and books collection _All School

Aug31.21_PDCs submission, uniform and books collection _All School

Aug31.21_The Whatsapp contact number_Kg1-GR5

Aug30.21_ uniform and books collection _All School

Aug30.21_PDCs submission, uniform and books collection _All School

Aug29.21_ uniform and books collection _All School

Aug29.21_PDCs submission, uniform and books collection _All School

Aug28.21_ Schedule Semester 1 Week A  (1)_GR6-Gr8

Aug28.21_Middle and High School Rules and Regulations_GR6-GR12

Aug27.21_ uniform and books collection _All School

Aug27.21_PDCs submission, uniform and books collection _All School

Aug26.21_GIS-Parents device letter_GR3-Gr12

Aug26.21_New requirements and procedures for  then new academic year_All School

Aug26.21_PDCs submission, uniform and boAoks collection _All School

Aug26.21_ uniform and books collection _All School

Aug25.21_ uniform and books collection _All School

Aug25.21_PDCs submission, uniform and books collection _All School

Aug24.21_New requirements & procedures for the new Academic year_All School

Aug23.21_unfiorm and books collection_All School

Aug23.21_PDCs Submission, Uniform and Books Collection_All School

Aug23.21_GIS-parents device letter_GR3-Gr12

Aug23.21_GIS User Guide_All School

Aug23.21_GIS parents letter for SSO_ِAll School

Aug22.21_uniform and books collection_All School

Aug22.21_PDCs submission,uniform and books collection_All School

Aug21.21_Parent Request form manual _All School

Aug21.21_Payments,uniforms and books_All School 

Aug19.2_Learning Model for middle school _GR6-GR8

Aug19.21_timetable Week of August 22 to 26 August_GR12 

Aug19.21_GIS Single Sign-On (SSO) Letter and User Guide_All School

Aug19.21_Reminder learning Models for the current academic year2021-2022_All School  

Aug18.21_Travel Declaration letter_All School

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