School Circulars

Below is a list of School Circulars:

Feb22.21_Two-day Holiday_All School

Feb17.21_Parent Survey Because You Said So_All School

Feb16.21_Single Sign-on(SSO)for students_All School

Feb11.21_Parent teacher meeting letter_All School

Feb11.21_How to use Calendly to Book Your meeting_All School

Feb10.21_system is open to download sem_ester1 report  cards_All school

Feb09.21_Raz Kids Reading Tool_Kg1_Gr2

Feb07.21_Installment plan with Emirates Islamic Bank for payments_All School

Feb07.21_PIRLS assessment_GR.4

Feb04.21_Implementing a New Class schedual_Gr3-Gr5

Feb01.21_AUC School Computing Competition ASCC 2021_GR10

Feb01.21_Force Password Rest on netx login_All School

Jan28.21_Parent Survey Because You Said So_All School

Jan24.21_Shifting the whole school to online models for 2 weeks_All school

Jan23.21_Shifiting the whole school to online models for  2days_All School

Jan15.21_Midd semester Grades on Parent's Portal _All School 

Jan10.21_Extending the Online teaching period until the end of the week_ِAll School

Jan05.21_Rules and Regulations  End of semester1 exam for  Hybrid students _Gr6-Gr12

Jan05.21_Rules and Regulations End of semester1 exam for DL students _Gr6-Gr12

Jan04.21_Shifting  to Online Model For one week_All School

Jan04.21_Reminder of travel guidelines and procedures We sent in January 3 _All school 

Nov30.20_GIS Webinar_All School

Nov29.20_National Day Announcement as received from DHA_All School

Nov26.20_49th National Day Celebration _All School

Nov18.20_IBT Letter_GR3-Gr12

Nov18.20_IBT Information Guide for Parents_GR3-GR.12

Nov18.20_ Parent-Teacher meeting_All School
Nov18.20_How to use Calendly_All School

Nov18.20_Arabic IBT Assessment_Gr3-GR.10

Nov18.20_AUSUMN letter_Selected students

Nov17.20_Anti-Bullying Week-Webinars_All School

Nov10.20_Equivalency Requirements_Gr9-GR.10

Nov10.20_Pre-Vaccination Checklist_Gr3-GR.5

Nov.10.20_School Immunization Consent Form_Gr3-GR.5

Nov05.20_Midterm Exams Rules and Regulations for DL students_Gr6-Gr.12

Nov05.20_Midterm Exams Rules and Regulations for Hybrid students_Gr6-Gr.12

Nov05.20_Consent For Immunization_All School

Nov05.20_Student Medical Form_All School

Nov01.20_AUSMUN letter_Selected Students

Oct28.20_Graphing Calculator_GR9-GR.12

Oct27.20_CAT4 Test students in Hybrid Model_GR1-GR.11

Oct26.20_PASS Survey for students in Hybrid Model_GR1-GR.11

Oct26.20_Prohet Muhammad Birthday vacation_All School

Oct15.20_Travel Guidelines_All School

Sep29.20_Map test_GR3-GR.12

Sep29.20_MAP test_KG2-GR.2

Sep01.20_Procedures for receiving books and school uniforms_All School

AUG30.20_Procedures for paying school fees_All School

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