School Circulars

Below is a list of School Circulars:

Jun2719_End of the Year Letter_Gr.11

Jun2019_Calendar 2019-2020_All School

Jun1919_End of (18-19) year activities and important dates_All School

Jun1219_Technology Morning_All School

Jun1119_Graduation Photo Session_Gr.12

Jun1019_Day Off_KG1

May2819_Eid Holiday_All School

May2819_Steps for the Online Registration of the Courses_Gr.8-11

May2619_Orientation Session 2019-2020_Gr.8-11

May2319_MAP Goal Setting Worksheet_Elementary School

May2319_Graduation Day_KG2

May2119_Ramadan Iftar_Gr.9-12_Boys

May1619_Final Exams Rules and Regulations_Gr.6-11

May1219_Iftar Sa'em Initiative_All School

May0219_Final Exams Rules and Regulations_Gr.12

May0119_Support Classes and Clubs Cancellation_Selected Students

May0119_The Holy Month of Ramadan Timings_All School

Apr2919_Trip to Dubai Dolphinarium_KG1

Apr2819_Support Classes and Clubs Cancellation_Selected Students

Apr2519_Cruise Trip in Jumeirah_Gr.12-Boys

Apr2519_Trip to Motion Gate, Dubai_Gr.12-Girls

Apr2519_Trip to Cinema City_KG2

Apr2319_Early Dismissal_Gr.12-Girls

Apr2119_Tawteen 360°_11A_Selected Students

Apr2119_Tawteen 360°_11E_Selected Students

Apr2119_Math Olympiad Day_M&H School

Apr2119_Math Olympiad Activity_Selected Students

Apr1719_Visit to Trig Interior Company_Selected Students

Apr1719_Trip to Sharjah Children's Reading Festival_Gr.10

Apr1619_Haq Al Laila_M&H School

Apr1619_MAP Session_KG2-Gr.12

Apr1519_Parents Meeting_M&H School

Apr1519_Parents Meeting_Elementary School

Apr1519_Parents Meeting_KG Section

Apr1519_PISA-Based Test_Gr.10

Apr1419_Trip to Etihad Museum_Gr.7

Apr1419_KG2 Graduation Day_KG2

Mar2419_MAP Goal Setting Worksheet_Elementary School

Mar2119_Swimming Lessons_Gr.11&12-Girls

Mar1819_National Service Registration_Selected Students



Mar1719_Sports Day_M&H School-Girls

Mar1319_Trip to Etihad Museum_Gr.3&5

Mar1319_Student Centered Objectives_High School

Mar1319_Trip to AlKhor Park_KG2

Mar1119_Theme Day_M&H School

Mar1019_Driving Simulator Session_Gr.12-Boys

Mar0719_Mass Communication Activity_Gr12


Feb2619_Trip to Sharjah Arabian Wildlife Centre_Gr. 1-A,C,E and 2A

Feb2619_World Book Day_KG Section

Feb2619_Trip to Saruq Al-Hadid Museum_Gr.6-Boys

Feb2619_Trip to Saruq Al-Hadid Museum_Gr.6-Girls

Feb2419_Hospitality Backstage Workshop_Gr.12-Girls

Feb2119_English Support Program_Selected Students

Feb2019_Dunes Crossfit Session_Selected Students

Feb1419_UAE 101 Book Presentation_Selected Students

Feb1319_Math Support Program_Selected Students

Feb1219_IELTS Test_Selected Students

Feb1219_English Support Program_Selected Students

Feb1219_School Basketball Team_Selected Students

Feb1119_After School Clubs-Term 2_KG Section


Feb1019_Trip to Sharjah Arabian Wildlife Centre_Gr.1 (B,D&E) & Gr.2

Feb1019_Online Psychometric Test_High School

Feb0719_Qura'an Competition_All School

Feb0719_Parents Meeting_KG Section


Jan3119_Postponing Vaccination Schedule_Selected Students

Jan2919_Emirates Literature Festival_KG1-Gr.5

Jan2919_DUPHAT 2019_Selected Students

Jan2319_Trip to Children city_KG2

Jan2319_Trip to Ski Dubai_KG1

Jan2219_Unified Champion Schools Program_Selected Students

Jan2219_Taqaddam Workshop_Selected Students

Jan2219_Parenting Children with ADHD_All School

Jan2119_Qura'an Club_Gr.-6

Jan2119_MAP Winter session 2019_Gr.1-12

Jan2119_KG Camp_KG 2 (Gladioli , Lilies & Tulips)

Jan2019_Omra Trip_Gr.9-12-Boys

Jan1519_DIDI Project Design Space_M&H School

Jan1319_Integrated Project - Required Material_Gr.1-2

Jan1019_Islamic Studies Exam Schedule_Gr.6-9

Jan1019_CAT4 Report_Gr.3,6,8&11

Jan1019_Galileo Show_KG1-Gr.5

Jan1019_MAP Goal Setting Worksheet_Gr.1-12

Jan1019_KG Annual Sports Day_KG Section

Jan0919_Parents Meeting and Report Cards_M&H School

Jan0919_Administrative Changes Notice_All School

Jan0819_Parents Meeting and Report Cards_Elementary School

Jan0719_Show and Tell Time_Gr.1-3

Jan0619_Camp_KG 2 (Orchids)

Dec1318_Semester 1 Exams Rules and Regulations_M&H School

Dec1018_Term 1 Summative Exams Schedule_Elementary School

Dec1018_Midyear Holiday_All School

Dec1018_Mother to Mother Initiative_Gr.3-5

Dec0618_Mother to Mother Initiative_KG1-Gr.2

Dec0618_Al Muhaisnah Park Trip_KG2

Dec0418_Global Day Preparations_Gr.9

Nov2618_Dress Code for National Day_KG Section

Nov2618_Elementary Trips_Elementary School

Nov2518_GIS L3 Card (Student ID)_Gr.1-12

Nov2218_47th National Day Celebration_All School

Nov2118_Magical Tricks Workshop_Gr.6&7-Boys

Nov2118_The National Bullying Prevention Week_KG2-Gr.12

Nov2018_Rescheduled ICT Quiz_Gr.3D,4A&5A

Nov1918_Gifted and Talented Test_Gr.7&8-Selected Students

Nov1518_Prophet Muhammad Birthday - Parents Meeting_All School

Nov1118_H2O Games_Gr.8-12

Nov0818_Science Workshop_Gr.6&7-Girls

Nov0718_Sick Students_All School

Nov0718_Internship (Reminder)_Gr.12

Nov0718_Book Character Week_Gr.3

Nov0518_External Arabic IBT Standardized Tests_Gr.4-9

Nov0118_Dubai Student Wellbeing Census_M&H School

Oct3018_Book Character Week_Gr.1

Oct3018_RTA Circular_All School

Oct3018_Informative talk about ADHD_All School

Oct2518_Coffee Morning_Elementary School

Oct2518_Dubai Fitness Challenge_All School

Oct2418_M&H School Trips_M&H School_Boys

Oct2318_Reschedule of Internship Week_Gr.12

Oct2318_Professional Development for staff (3)_All School

Oct2318_KHDA Online Survey_All School

Oct2218_Parents' Support for Internship_Gr.9-11

Oct2218_Pink Day (Breast Cancer Campaign)_M&H School

Oct2218_High Achievers in MAP Fall Trip_Selected Students

Oct2218_Camp _KG 2 (Jasmines)

Oct1818_National Day of Chemistry (MOLEY POTTER)_Gr.8

Oct1818_National Day of Chemistry (MOLEY POTTER)_Gr.9 Physical Science ,Gr.11&12 Chemistry


Oct1718_Air Pods and Smart Watches Policy_M&H School

Oct1518_Professional Development for staff (2)_All School

Oct1518_World Food Day 2018_Gr. 9 &10(Earth & Environmental Science)

Oct1518_World Food Day 2018_Gr.6

Oct1418_Absenteeism GIS Policy_Elementary School

Oct1418_Uniform Policy (Reminder)_Elementary School

Oct1418_Field Trip to Mirdif City Centre (Little Explorers)_KG1

Oct1118_Reading at Home_Elementary School

Oct1018_After School Activities_M&H School-Girls

Oct1018_After School Activities_M&H School-Boys

Oct1018_Field Trip to Pizza Express_KG 2

Oct0818_After School Clubs -Term 1_KG Section

Oct0718_After School Clubs_M&H School

Oct0418_Creative Hats Competition 18-19_Elementary School

Oct0318_Material Required for Art Classes_Gr.10

Oct0318_Material Required for Art Classes_Gr.8

Oct0318_Material Required for Art Classes_Gr.7

Oct0318_Material Required for Art Classes_Gr.6

Sep3018_Store Services Schedule_All School

Sep3018_Science Lab Safety Contract_M&H School

Sep2418_MAP Growth Exam_M&H School

Sep2018_Professional Development for staff_All School

Sep2018_Talent Show 2018-2019_Elementary School


Sep1918_AUSMUN_Selected Students

Sep1618_Parent's Afternoon Orientation Session_Elementary School

Sep1218_Rules & Regulations_Gr.1-5

Sep1218_Qura'an Club_Gr.1-6

Sep1118_REQUIREMENTS  for the Equivalency of the Secondary School_Gr.11&12

Sep1118_SAT and TOEFL Letter_Gr.12

Sep1118_SAT and TOEFL Letter_Gr.11

Sep1118_Stationery List_KG2

Sep1018_The Hijri New Year Holiday_All School

Sep1018_KGs Arabic Subjects Policy_KG Section

Sep1018_Parent's Afternoon Orientation Session_M&H School

Sep0918_SEND-Gifted and Talented Test_Selected Students

Sep0918_Rules & Regulations_Gr.6-12

Sep0318_Drop & Add Letter_Gr.9-12

Aug2618_CTS-GIS Parents Letter for Devices_All School

Jun2818_Calendar 2018-2019_All School

Jun2818_End of the Year Letter_Gr.11

Jun0518_Orientation Session_Gr.8-11

Jun0318_Parent School Contract Update 2018-2019_All School

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