House System


The school had taken up the initiative to start a house system in 2008 with the objective of fostering a sense of belonging and healthy competition among the students. Various activities are organized and all students are encouraged to participate and win laurels for their house. The house system promotes and helps develop the values of hard work, team spirit and sportsmanship as well as leadership qualities.

All students are assigned to four houses with four core values underscoring each.

House                       Motto

Maple                         For Honor We Strive

Oak                           Deeds Not Words

Fir                           Service Before Self

Cedar                        To Greater Heights

Each house is headed by a House Captain and Vice-Captain who are responsible for guiding the students in the various competitions. They work in tandem with their prefects for the betterment of their house. House points are allotted at the end of every competition as well as for the general behaviour and deportment. Conversely, if a student does not conduct himself in accordance with the rules of the school, points are deducted from his or her house. The students are encouraged to win the maximum points for their house. The winning house is the one with the maximum points and is accordingly felicitated.

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