Middle School Curriculum

Students at this age look different and behave in different ways. The student has many physical and psychological changes; these changes are all part of the normal pattern of transition and turmoil that characterizes the young adolescent. It is a time of considerable and often abrupt physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth and development “No longer a child but not yet an adult”. The teenager may exhibit the behavior of both a child and an adult. It is a difficult stage for parents, teachers and the teenagers as well.

GIS takes considerable care of this transition phase by providing counseling, guidance and support through the pastoral program, subject teachers concerned and other psychological experts the school may refer to.

All students study English, Arabic, Islamic religion, Mathematics, Social Studies with divisions (History, Geography, Civics), Science, ICT, French, PE and Art. Grades 9 and up are given ½ French and ½ Art during the same year (these are considered Activities). The school day consists of 7 periods with two breaks.

Students are also exposed to aspects of life skills and school’s values throughout subject areas, and health education throughout the science program offered.

Homework is assigned for most subjects and the work requires substantial time and effort on the part of the students. Homework throughout the school is coordinated between all subjects and HODs to be distributed into one weekly homework plan that is distributed at the end of every week and that includes the work required for all the coming week. On the other hand, many of the student’s social activities center on the school’s extra curricular groups, clubs and teams. GIS serves as a conduit for social and emotional development as well as for intellectual growth.

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