High School Curriculum

Basic subjects required in the 9th through 12th Grades are: English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Humanities (Islamic studies (all), Civics, Geography and History for grade 9)), Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), and ICT. Core subjects such as social science courses (for Grades 10, 11 and 12) (Accounting, Economics, Business), Arabic and PE are also required as a part of the GIS course of study for Senior High School program.

Throughout the adopted ICT curriculum, students from Grade 1 to grade 9 are prepared to be ICDL certified by the end of Grade 9. Training takes place during the ICT lessons. ICDL certification is not obligatory to the students but open to students who wish to sit for the certificate.

For students to be eligible for graduating from GIS with recognized High School diploma, students should successfully finish the SAT1 (Math) and TOEFL (Eng) examinations during the Senior High School years (up to Grade 12 mostly) with a minimum score of 400 for SAT1 and 500 for TOEFL. GIS offers training courses in grades 10 and 11 for both exams and the students are registered to sit for the exams starting grade 10 (to maximize the number of times for the student to take the exam).

The student’s life in the Senior High School is fully supported by the school’s pastoral program, social counseling and Educational and career counseling. Students are considered as mature adolescents and they are assigned some responsibilities in the field of arranging activities, organizing and managing the school’s Student’s Council and representing the school in many formal activities inside and outside the school premises. Life skills and the school’s values are professionally integrated in different subject areas, activities and the extra-curricular program.

The school day for the High School Program consists of 7 periods with two breaks.

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